Yes! For A Better San Diego addresses San Diego’s most urgent needs by reducing homelessness, fixing city streets, and creating 7,000 new permanent jobs. It modernizes and expands our convention center engine, which will drive our local economy forward and expand our regional economy by more than $40 billion. It will use visitor revenues - not local taxes - and will require annual independent audits to protect taxpayers.

Repair Roads

Dedicated Funding for Street Repair

  • Repave an additional 150 miles of city streets every year
  • Locking in more than $600 million for road repair & infrastructure

Reduce Homelessness

Housing & Services for the Homeless

Create Stable Homes for Men, Women, Children and Veterans Living on Our Streets

  • $147 million for homelessness programs in first five years (2019 - 2023)
  • $2 billion dedicated to homelessness over the life of the measure

Create Jobs

An Economic Engine for Jobs

  • Creates 7,000 new permanent jobs
  • Will drive $500 million each year into the local economy - and more than $40 billion dollars over the life of the measure

Protects Taxpayers

Requires a Citizens Oversight Committee, 5 Year Spending Plans and Annual Audits to ensure funds are spent as intended.

In the News

Ballot Measure to Aid Homeless, Expand Convention Center Meets Deadline

Backers of a ballot initiative that would tax hotel guests to fund expansion of the convention center, aid the homeless...

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Petition drive begins for initiative to raise San Diego's hotel tax

Signature-gathering has officially begun for an initiative that would raise San Diego’s hotel tax to finance a convention center expansion, services and housing for the homeless, and road repairs.

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Citizens Initiative To Expand San Diego Convention Center Starts Collecting Signatures

The organizers of a proposed ballot measure that would raise money for the downtown convention center and homelessness programs launched their signature-gathering effort Monday.

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Supporters Of Initiative To Increase Hotel Tax Revenue Say It Would Generate $2B For Homelessness

A proposed ballot initiative to increase hotel tax revenue would generate $3.78 billion to expand and update the downtown convention center, $2.02 billion for homelessness services and $604 million for street repairs over four decades, according to projections released Tuesday by supporters.

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  • “This tax would be paid exclusively by visitors, but would greatly benefit San Diegans. It will expand our local economy by $500 million each year – which is why the hotel and tourism industry are proud to support it”

    Namara Mercer
    Executive Director, Hotel/Motel Association of San Diego
  • “This initiative will change the lives of thousands of women, men, children and veterans living on the streets. It will get people out of tents and into stable homes – providing job training and counseling and care. It is imperative that we pass this measure.”

    Father Joe Carroll
  • “This measure will create thousands of new, permanent jobs with good pay and real benefits. It will also build up working families by supporting the training and development of San Diego workers”

    Nick Segura
    Business Manager/Financial Secretary, IBEW 569
  • “This measure only taxes visitors, NOT San Diegans. It will grow our local economy by more than $40 billion, boost tourism and help local businesses thrive."

    Jaymie Bradford
    COO, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • “As a dedicated San Diegan, I fully support the Yes! for a Better San Diego campaign because it puts our community first by helping to prevent homelessness, fixing city streets and enlarging our Convention Center to create thousands of jobs that will boost our local economy.”

    Malin Burham

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